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26 February 2009 | Section:

There was comfortable atmosphere in an empty shop. There came a quiet music out of dymamics and ladies that had had a drink before that were having a curious chat. Lily took out an acquaintance newspaper and started reading, making grimaces and producing loads of dirty jokes. Having reached the column of “A lady looks for a lady”, she flew off the handle and started showing Helen announcements, having moved closer to her. One of her favourite leg-puls concerned a millennium-long legend of old & young lesbians mother. In fact, Lily was much older than Helen and as a result proposed having a savage leg-over with her instantly.

The friend’s fingers were thoroughly caressing her most intimate grooves. It became so hot and damp that Helen immediately felt that the end was very close. Helen was getting more and more engaged in the art of mature boondagger developing and making love with unfledged bean flickers mummy. Lily turned the face to her seducer, while her hand was driving under the skirt and rested itself between legs upon panties. Lily’s poop catchers went all wet through with intimate love juice. She must have been sexergized to the extremes. Friends’ glances met and joined together in a passionate kiss after a moment. Helen passed her fingers upon Lily’s moist panties several times, pressed a bit harder and haunches moved together convulsively. It was the apogee of badgerly and green kinky momy amour that Helen would never abandon again. She shivered a few times and produced heart-piercing sound. At the same time, Helen reached the peak of all possible pleasures and got on the seventh heaven. The art of young & old lesbians mother would flourish for centuries turning young lesbian innocent ladies into depraved dirty bitches.