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15 May 2009 | Section:

What is the most delicate thing for two ladies if they have a burning desire but are too shy to get down to business or rather wet pinky businesses. In fact, their main weapon is huge boobs and experience of middle age that let them have that unforgettable physical sensations that turn ordinary ladies into hot moms lesbians. The plastic dildo is of paramount importance as well, but it is lesbian moms hot kiss that unites their tender bodies into a drop-dead goose girl entertainment. How deep will you get into?


3 old lesbians

01 April 2009 | Section:

Guess you’ve heard loads of common stories telling about the old ladies that are still full of sexual fire (even at the time and after menopause) but have no worthy man around… So, the trio of 3 old lesbians is the classical example of MILFs that had to become carpet munchers with no male fucker around! Still, it’s no hardship for three finger-artists having fun with each other with no hubbies and kids at home. The solution is pretty simple with three donut bumpers giving a helping hand to each other and thrusting in a yellow banana that no real crunchy can reject.


Old & young lesbians mother passionately kissing each other

26 February 2009 | Section:

There was comfortable atmosphere in an empty shop. There came a quiet music out of dymamics and ladies that had had a drink before that were having a curious chat. Lily took out an acquaintance newspaper and started reading, making grimaces and producing loads of dirty jokes. Having reached the column of “A lady looks for a lady”, she flew off the handle and started showing Helen announcements, having moved closer to her. One of her favourite leg-puls concerned a millennium-long legend of old & young lesbians mother. In fact, Lily was much older than Helen and as a result proposed having a savage leg-over with her instantly.


Two old sexy lesbians massage one another with their tongues

25 February 2009 | Section:

I am a nobby brunette with short hair and appetite booty. Once, I arrived at my friend Lizie (one of those insatiable old sexy lesbians) who was my peer. The sex-appeal had existed between us for long and Liza didn’t want to go shy that day. It became obvious as soon as I entered the room. She came up with smooching my neck and lips in love bite, hugging me, whispering with bliss: “I want you, I am soaking like a bitch. So, fuck me!”. She adores curses and brutalities in sex! This floosie pushes her hand under my skirt, gropes panties that are wet all through. She made my love come down immediately!

Eliza stands up before me, pulls off my pants with her teeth, everts them and licks off the nectar. On that day, she demonstrated the course of perfect mature Dutch girl I would never forget. She kissed my hot burning ace of spades, while I was sobbing with delight: “Yes, hotty, get it stuck out”.


Mature and old lesbians having sex evening

25 February 2009 | Section:

Having done with a monthly report at my workplace, I called by my friend to have a drink of Tequila in the evening. At first, we were sitting and having a nice small talk. A half an hour later, there arrived Olivia with Kathy who was a tall slim blonde with bee stings and nifty legs while Helen (a new-comer as well) was a raven-head enjoying a splendid slender fanny. They were mature and old lesbians.

After two cocktails, the girls got undressed quickly and set up a spectacle. Kathy with Helen had been licking off Irene’s nipples till they turned into hard rock and her body shook with crazy sexual desire. Then, Kathy lay down and allowed Ada’s tongue into her own cave, while Helen was sitting on her face at the same time. They were sighing and moaning like their greens and it felt very hot and wet in my panties. Those experienced mummies knew how to get sticky-picky.

However, it was only beginning. After wild orgasm, Kathy started fucking Helen with her strap-on and Helen straddled blonde’s buttocks with her hands and fell on licking a savoury freckle.

Strike me pink! My pussy was licked by stallions a lot of times, but that was absolutely another pair of shoes! Helen bet London for a brick what to do. The geezers consider the oral sex to be an insignificant foreplay to love but for her, it was the most important thing. She was one of those mature and sexphisticated lesbians that knew which way every female kitten was buttered.